Medical Treatment India

Health Check-up

Get a full health check-up with the best and latest equipment. Equipment operated by skilled technicians. World renowned Indian specialist teams of doctors at your disposal to give a collaborative diagnosis of your health situation.

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Medical Treatment India

Surgeries & Treatment

Get a second opinion on your current medical condition with world renowned Indian specialist teams of doctors, at your disposal to give a collaborative diagnosis of your health situation. Latest equipment, operated by skilled technicians.

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Steps to Getting Medical Treatment in India

How we get you treated in India

  • Step 1. Step 1. Provide your Medical History

    • Upload your medical scans and reports
    • Email your medical scans and reports
    • Bring your medical scans and reports to our office
  • Step 2. Step 2. We make a plan for your treatment

    • Based on the advice of the Indian Specialist Doctor we come up with a plan for your treatment, including the financial implications.
    • Come up with a budget
  • Step 3. Step 3. Apply for a Indian Visa

    • Visa application will be based on your condition
    • You can apply online or come over to our office and we can apply for you
    • Wait for the approval of the Visa
  • Step 4. Step 4. Make an appointment with the Doctor & Hospital

    • Confirm the dates you shall be in India for treatment
    • Book your accommodation at the hospital & hotel
  • Step 5. Step 5. Fly to India for Treatment

    • Confirm your ticket reservations to the Indian Hospital & Doctor
    • Fly to India for treatment
    • You will be received by the Hospital ambulance at the airport.

How do I get an Indian Visa?

Tourist, Medical & Emergency Medical Visa


What you need to Apply for a Indian Visa

We help you apply for your Indian Visa.
A Tourist Visa takes an average of 2 hour to apply.
While Medical Visa takes an average of 3 hour to apply.
An Emergency Medical Visa is applied in person at the Indian High Commission and will take at least 4 hours to apply.
This is If the Internet, the Indian Visa Website are working fine and all the required information is available.
Approval takes an average of 24 to 72 hours. .
The passport should be valid for more than 7 months
Passport Photo
A recent forward facing, head to shoulder photo taken with a white background.
Destination Plan
Details of which city and place you will be traveling to in India.
Basic Personal Information
Certain details of your family will be required.
Visa and our service fees where applicable.

Visa Process Steps

How we get you an Indian Visa

Medical Treatment India

Submission of detail

  • Personal Details
  • Family Details
  • Scan of your Passport (Good Quality)
  • Scan of your head photo with white background
Medical Treatment India


  • Visa Fee
  • Our fee
Medical Treatment India


  • between 24hr to 72hr
  • All the details are correct.
  • The internet is working fine.
  • Visa website is up
Medical Treatment India

Printing of Visa

  • The visa is a printout unless stated otherwise.
  • It is to accompany your passport in your travel.
  • Enjoy your Travel.

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